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Kemetic Orthodox Worship Supplies

Miscellaneous supplies for Kemetic Orthodox worship in the form of Senut, the daily shrine ritual.

image coming soon! Blessed Nile Water - $10.00 - limited quantities available!
Water directly from the Nile River! Not safe for drinking. Filtered for purity, but otherwise untouched and pristine. Blessed by Hekatawy, Nisut of Kemetic Orthodoxy. Half-ounce (29.57ml) bottle. Quantity limited to one bottle per person.


image coming soon! 100% Natron - 16 oz. jar - $10.00
Sixteen ounces of natron (a sodium bicarbonate salt used in Kemetic Orthodox purification rituals) by volume. Natron is only acceptable for Kemetic Orthodox ritual in its pure state, without added ingredients or scents. Pure by ancient standards and ready for religious use. Contains enough natron for at least six months of daily shrine practice.


2 oz. of natron in a travel jar ready for Senut use! 100% Natron - 2 oz. travel jar - $6.00
Two ounces of pure, unscented natron in a screw-top small plastic jar -- perfect for travelling or portable shrines! Small enough to fit into a toiletry bag and enough natron for at least a month of daily shrine practice.


image coming soon! Traditional Kemetic Anointing Oil - $15.00
Although officially used to sanctify amulets and images in Kemetic Orthodoxy, this anointing oil may be used by anyone. Blessed by Hekatawy, Nisut of Kemetic Orthodoxy, this oil is made with the purest ingredients sacred to the ancient Egyptians. Half-ounce (29.57ml) bottle.


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Kemetic Orthodox Worship Supplies

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