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Egyptian Flower Essences

Limited Quantities Available -- First Come, First Serve!
These flower essences are 100% organic and collected and created by hand by our essence contact, a professional aromatherapist in Aswan, Egypt. Our prices are very competitive and our essences are available absolute (100% pure essence in oil suspension) for use in your own aromatherapy projects, or in 5% jojoba oil dilution ready to wear as perfume oils.


Pure Flower Essences
One dram (3ml) vials of pure pressed flower essence in suspension, undiluted, from Egypt. Note that these are NOT recommended for perfume or ready-to-wear use, but for dilution in a carrier oil. [You can add them to water or alcohol to make eau de toilette or perfume, but they do not dissolve -- you'll have to keep shaking them up, as they contain no solubizers.]

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Ready to Wear Essence Oils
Half-ounce (29.57ml) bottles of pure pressed flower essence in 5% dilution in jojoba oil, ready for wearing as perfume. Not for consumption.

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