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Sacred and Sensual Bath Supplies



Introspection Bath Salt Blends
These salts provide a meditative experience in the bath. Measurements for small bottles and economy priced large jars are in dry ounces.

Dreams of Hathor (Hethert) - 2 oz. bottle - $5.00 or 16 oz. jar - $25.00
A delightful milk bath with bright floral scents dedicated to the goddess Hathor (Hethert) will bring you dreams of love and prosperity.

Selket's Voice- 2 oz. bottle - $5.00 or 16 oz. jar - $20.00
Perfect for colds or whenever you need a pick-me-up, these bath salts are energized with eucalyptus, a blend of three mints, sage and rosemary to brighten and energize your spirits.

Dreams of the Past- 2 oz. bottle - $10.00 or 16 oz. jar - $30.00
An Oriental blend of heavy fragrances along with traditional myrrh, specially prepared to invoke dreams of past lives and visions of the Gods.


Natron Bath Blends
Natron bath blends are made with all organic botanicals, pure natron (sodium bicarbonate salt), and Nile water. Natron was the soap of the world until only a few centuries ago; it softens the skin and cleanses better (and more mildly) than soap. While these natron bath blends are blessed, please select pure natron (unscented; on our Worship Supplies page here ) for ritual use as scented natron is unsuitable and for ritual use. Measurements for small bottles and economy priced large jars are in dry ounces.

Lavender Natron Bath - 2 oz. bottle - $5.00 or 16 oz. jar - $20.00
Made with freshly-dried herbs and essential oils, this natron has a pleasing floral scent.

Citrus Melody - 2 oz. bottle - $5.00 or 16 oz. jar - $20.00
A blend of melissa, bergamot and other citrus flavors provides an energizing bath experience.

Ritual Dreams - 2 oz. bottle - $5.00 or 16 oz. jar - $20.00
Pure 100% natron mixed with Egyptian salt for purifying, skin-softening luxury. A very, very light frankincense and myrrh scent, to open your mind for religious activities afterward.

Customized Natron Bath - 16 oz. jar - $25.00
Choose a blend of fragrances all your own, for a personal flair! You may pick from a combination of: peppermint, cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, sweet orange, tangerine, bergamot, bay rhum, violet, spice, musk, myrrh and frankincense. Please specify your desired blend when ordering.


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