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Sekhmet's Arrows Spiritual Bath Kits

Sekhmet Baths - Handmade to Order by the Spiritual Leader of Kemetic Orthodoxy!


These at-home versions of Kemetic Orthodox spiritual baths are traditionally given on Wep Ronpet (Kemetic New Year), but can be used all year round. Each is handcrafted by Hekatawy, the Nisut of the Kemetic Orthodox Religion. They are pleasant-smelling herbal infusions designed to add a magical component to a bath and provide the protection and blessing of the great goddess Sekhmet, patroness of healing and appropriate action, as well as other deities of the Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) pantheon as noted. Each spiritual bath comes with herbs, liquids, and complete instructions for use. Different prices on each bath reflect their different ingredients and the time required to hand-craft each bath. Made to order for each purchase -- these baths are not created in bulk! A Sekhmet-dedicated bath is recommended (first item) before taking other baths for best results.

Hemet's baths are now available in 4-oz concentrate in sealed bottles, for ease of shipment and use. They are also available as a ready-to-wear spiritual oil.


Click on the link to Legba's Crossroads to purchase Sekhmet's Arrows Spiritual Baths!

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